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Facebook Ads in Oculus | June 17 | Eagle Nest

Thursday, June 17, Market Recap

Good Evening,

Today, June 17…

The DJIA fell 0.62%

The S&P 500 was down 0.66%

The Nasdaq Composite added 0.87%

Tech led the market today.

General Market Review


Treasury yields fell today as the Fed believes the inflation is transitory on a path to low growth. Facebook added 1.64% as Zuckerberg reports on the potential of VR with Facebook testing ads in Oculus devices. Semiconductor stocks were also higher with Nvidia up 4.76%.


JPMorgan and Bank of America were down 2.89% and 4.37% today due to lower yields that negatively impacted net interest margin for banks.

Consumer Discretionary

The Honest Company fell 7.37% due to its first earnings report. The company reported revenue of $81 million compared to estimates of $79.3 million. An analyst downgraded the stock to neutral due to the lack of a clear catalyst.

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