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Pharmaceutical Earnings are Positive | July 21 | Eagle Nest

Wednesday, July 21, Market Recap

Good Evening,

Today, July 21…

The DJIA rose 0.83%

The S&P 500 was up 0.82%

The Nasdaq Composite added 0.92%

Financials led the market today.

General Market Review


The 10-year Treasury continued to rise to 1.29%. The rise benefited banking, industrial, and retail stocks. American Airlines and Goldman Sachs rose 4.09% and 2.40%, respectively.


Johnson and Johnson added 0.62% after reporting better-than-expected earnings and raising its guidance for 2021. Moderna officially joins the S&P 500 and gained 4.48% today.

Consumer Discretionary

Chipotle jumped 11.44% after beating earnings estimates. The company has positive guidance and its revenue passed pre-pandemic levels.

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